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Your Hospice Lottery
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Growing hospice income together.

About Our Partner

Ethical Choice - Hospices Working Together

Your Hospice Lottery is 100% owned and operated by St Helena, a hospice charity based in North East Essex, so we can generate extra income for your hospice with all proceeds staying within the hospice sector as opposed to a commercial provider

A fundraising lottery is a great way to achieve a regular income and for your supporters to raise vital funds for your hospice.

There is no investment or financial resources needed from you – we do all the work!

So far, we have raised over £12million for hospice care and have several hospice partners all over Great Britain.

Thinking of starting a new Lottery?

  • No joining fee or investment needed from you
  • Recruitment of new lottery members at no cost to you
  • You will receive income from your first lottery draw! We make payments to you every 3 months
  • Your income comes directly from those people wishing to support YOU
  • No financial resource needed for your team
  • No administration or operational costs
  • Professional Marketing Materials provided

Do you have an existing Lottery and need to change?

Transferring your players to us = more lottery income for you

We can increase the income that your current lottery brings in.

We will make transferring your existing lottery as smooth as possible at NO cost to you.

Talk to us about the projected income we can provide you over the next few years.


Please don’t take our word for it, find out what some of the hospices think about our work together and visit

Contact us for a chat 0800 285 1390

The Draw

Your Hospice Lottery runs a weekly draw costing £1 per play per week, with supporters selecting who they wish to support with their lottery membership. There are 176 guaranteed cash prizes a week from £10 to £1,000 and a rollover of up to £25,000!