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Our Aims & Objectives


  • to advance the education and training of fundraisers in the Hospice Movement
  • to maintain and improve professional standards of fundraising
  • to support the work of Hospices


In furtherance of the objectives, to enable Hospice Fundraisers to:

  • receive support and enhance the role of the Fundraiser within the Hospice movement thereby improving standards and efficiency of fundraising so that cost effective income is raised and publicity developed to support patient care
  • attend Training Courses, either initiated by the Association or by outside bodies, so as to maintain and improve professional standards of fundraising
  • liaise with outside organisations, both within and outside the Hospice movement, so that a comprehensive and well-balanced approach to efficient fundraising can be developed
  • communicate with each other by effective and planned means, so that information is exchanged in a rational way and within a framework of openness

The aims and objectives of the Association are achieved through:

  • regular regional meetings - 1st one free
  • an annual national conference
  • promoting National Hospice Fundraising Events, Days or Weeks which help to secure funds and publicity for the Hospices individually and the Movement nationally