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Support your local hospice?

There are many and various ways in which you could support your local hospice.

  • Perhaps the simplest and most straightforward is to make a donation
    You may wish to speak to the person responsible for donations at the hospice. They will advise you on the best way for you to do this.
  • If the hospice has charity shops - why not donate suitable items for sale in the shops?
  • Does your local hospice have a Friends group? - this is a way of keeping up to date with what is happening at the hospice and also making a regular financial contribution yourself
  • Organise an event yourself or offer to help at an event being organised by the hospice. If you already have a particular event in mind and need advice, it would be helpful to the hospice if you can outline the details of the type of event you intend to hold for example, if it is sponsored - the date, the times, who is taking part.
  • Does the hospice need volunteers in a field that would suit your interests and skills? Why not make an approach to find out more?
  • Remember your local hospice in your will - your solicitor will advise you - or you can speak with someone at the hospice.
  • Be a Hospice Ambassador 
  • Donate items to be sold on ebay

If you are unsure about what help you can give, but would like to find out more, make contact with your local hospice, the telephone number will be in the directory. Find out if there is a fundraising department and speak with them. Let them know of your interest. They will be delighted to hear from you. For contact details please see Hospice Directory.

Don't delay, make contact with them now - your help really can make a difference!!