About Us

The National Association of Hospice Fundraisers was formed to support the work of hospices, advance the education and training of fundraisers within the Hospice movement and to maintain and improve professional standards of fundraising.

By fulfilling these objectives the association aims to enhance the role of the individual fundraiser within the Hospice Movement, improving standards and efficiency so that the income is raised and publicity developed.

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Mon 1st January 2018
We’re looking at doing a flower campaign this summer utilising the metal flowers stakes. Many of you will have already done something like this and we were wondering if you had any leftover stock you would be interested in selling to us at St Luke’s?
Wed 5th April 2017
Our supporters always want to make a difference and often find exciting ways to fund-raise for us.

This information is for the benefit of NAHF members.

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Upcoming Events

Mon 25th March 2019 - Tue 26th March 2019
Cost: £125 - £300 depending on choices and membership status
Venue: Carden Park Hotel
The conference is the highlight of the year and we invite you all to come along for education, networking and collaboration with your hospice fundraising peers.

This event is for the benefit of NAHF members.

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Partnership Organisations

The National Association of Hospice Fundraisers is delighted to be working closely with the key partners below.

NAHF could not provide key benefits and support to members without the invaluable support of these organisations. They are instrumental in many hospice fundraisers reaching their demanding income budgets year after year and are as passionate about the hospice movement as we are and all five work in areas crucial to successful fundraising.

All members will have the opportunity to meet representatives from these organisations at both regional meetings and at the national conference. Please do make time to hear what they have to offer. You can also click below and access their websites.

What People Say About NAHF

Adrian Oke - St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice

My first day in fundraising was at NAHF Conference – what an introduction! From the get go I have been immersed in the wider picture of the Hospice movement and am truly inspired by how we work together on a national scale, especially given that I have come from a background focused on overcoming competition (and by that I mean I am one of ten siblings.) As you can imagine most of my spare time is spent buying birthday presents, planning Christmas six months in advance and sitting on the phone with my nan for three hours talking about everyone else.

Anne Brown - Saint Francis Hospice

As hospice fundraisers, we are in the fabulous position of doing the same work as one another but largely without being in competition. I love having the opportunity to meet other fundraisers, sharing ideas and experiences – both successes and the not-so successful – and learning from one another. Fundraising is relentless, hard work so it’s good to be able to help and encourage each other, and NAHF provides a brilliant platform to do this. It’s also so helpful to hear from experienced professionals, both at regional meetings and conference, who can educate and motivate us to become more effective, successful fundraisers.

Megan Boyle - Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice

NAHF is fantastic. I love that Hospice Fundraisers come together to share experiences and help each other. I look forward to regional meetings and get very excited ahead of Conference because I know I’ll leave buzzing to get back to my Hospice with lots of ideas, a reignited excitement and more fellow fundraisers in my phone happy to help. Hospices are special, and so is NAHF. I feel very proud and grateful to be a part of such a supportive network, always striving to do better to support the fantastic work of our hospices.

Veronica McBain - St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice

For me, NAHF is a brilliant platform to support and encourage fundraisers and their hospices to raise as much money as possible. The regional meetings and annual conferences really are fantastic, not just for sharing best practice and ideas, but they act as great networking opportunities meaning members really do get value for money. It’s also reassuring knowing that there is always a listening ear amongst members, there’s always someone who has either experienced or done what you’ve done and they’re always willing to support one another. Here’s to another successful year