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Thu 20th June 2019
Essex & East Anglia Regional Meeting
9:30am to 3:30pm Continuing our theme of personal development this year, join us for “Let’s sleep on it” to get great ideas from a better night’s sleep. Our speaker will be Vanessa Longley, Director of Fundraising & Marketing at Havens Hospices.
Cost: Free to members, £25 to non-member hospice fundraisers
Region: Essex and East Anglia

Our main session of the day will focus on creativity, and how sleep is inextricably linked:

Let’s sleep on it” to get great ideas from a better night’s sleep

Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow use our sleeping hours to help boost our ability to creatively solve work related problems when we’re awake? Well if you’re someone who likes to say ‘let’s sleep on it’ you are definitely onto something. Certain types of sleep have been shown to increase fluency, flexibility and originality of thought. This session will teach you the 10 minute exercises to allow you to use the night time to be more creative at work, to get great ideas from a better night’s sleep.

Vanessa Longley, our speaker, is an experienced communicator using diplomacy, negotiating and listening skills to build teams and achieve success. She is flexible and quick to adapt to the (always!) changing charity environment. She is goal-focused, exploring innovative and creative ways to ensure targets are met. 

After 7 years as Head of Fundraising at MENCAP, Vanessa took up the role of Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Havens Hospice, where she has worked for the last 10 years. 

The full agenda will be announced once agreed. 


Venue Details:

Venue: Little Havens Hospice
Address: Daws Heath Rd , , Benfleet , Essex SS7 2LH